Father of Peace?

     In Hebrew, the name Absalomאַבְשָלוֹם)  ) means “Father of Peace.” Sounds like a nice name, doesn’t it? Maybe you’re thinking about naming your son Absalom, (probably not). It has such a wonderful meaning, and power behind it! Who wouldn’t want to be known as a “Father of Peace?”

     2 Samuel 13 is just an awful story. It’s definitely not a pleasant one to read, or hear about. But it is Scripture, and so it is important that we know it, and know what lessons it teaches. The passage is a story about Amnon, and Tamar. Both of whom are children of King David (they are half-siblings). Continue reading Father of Peace?

Don’t Take my Guns…

I have seen many Christians say that if our government tries to take our guns away, they will not allow it. They say that they will shoot anyone who tries to confiscate their guns from them. They make the argument that it is their constitutional right to do so under the second amendment. And technically they are right. It would be illegal for the government to take our guns away. (Unless of course a new amendment was passed that annulled the second amendment. That would be perfectly legal.) Continue reading Don’t Take my Guns…

Sharing the Gospel

I want to take a quick break from this series on spiritual disciplines, and talk a little bit about evangelism. In reality, the spiritual disciplines that I’ve been talking about are worthless unless the world can see the effect the Holy Spirit has on our lives! These spiritual disciplines are not only to help us be transformed into the likeness of Christ, but also to show the lost the love, and power of our Lord.

But what is the best way to share the gospel? Is it through programs and ministries such as VBS, or a food pantry? Is it by preaching up in a pulpit? Is it by going and standing on a street corner, and yelling scripture at passersby? (Some) of these are good things, and I don’t think we should stop doing them. But there are still better ways of reaching people. Continue reading Sharing the Gospel

Spiritual Discipline: Sabbath

Sabbath isn’t particularly common among Christians now days. I think it’s typically seen as something the Jews practice, or as part of the old Law. Which is true, we are not necessarily commanded to partake of the Sabbath. However, participating in a Sabbath day of rest can be a powerful tool of discipline for the Christian.

Sabbath is a time of slowing down, and temporarily moving away from the busyness of life. We get so caught up worrying about everything from work, to school, to family, to whatever else we take part in during the week. It is a time of reflection on scripture and for time in prayer with God. Some people will spend their day of Sabbath fasting and praying, whereas others will celebrate and rejoice in the Lord for all He has done! Continue reading Spiritual Discipline: Sabbath